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Professional Cosmetic Surgery and Healthy Ageing Clinic

Mr Jeya Prakash M.S. F.R.C.S.(Ed) 94 Harley Street London W1G 7HX
020 7224 1622

Feel Younger Look Natural

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Personal Philosophy

  • Mr Prakash’s main personal philosophy is to aid graceful ageing, which is borne out by his surgical results which are wonderfully natural-looking.  He feels that the best compliment he could  receive for his work would be a comment made to a client after treatment such as ‘You look fresh and re-vitalised, have you had a good holiday?’  This is the understated, natural result that he always strives for.
  • He believes in realistic expectations and promises his patients a good improvement - not unattainable perfection.  He is known for his honesty and clarity of explanation when discussing with  clients what is achievable within the limitations of the treatment.  Mr Prakash carefully evaluates every patient and would never advise undertaking a procedure where he feels that the extent of the surgery outweighs the benefits.  He puts the utmost importance on personal health and believes that only when one is in good health is it possible to achieve the best surgical results.
  • During his many years in his profession, Mr Prakash has helped a wide variety of both female and male clients to improve their appearance and lifestyle, based on his commitment  to beauty and health inside and out - a complete transformation for a better life.