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Professional Cosmetic Surgery and Healthy Ageing Clinic

Mr Jeya Prakash M.S. F.R.C.S.(Ed) 94 Harley Street London W1G 7HX
020 7224 1622

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Training for Doctors at Professional Cosmetic SurgeryTraining For Doctors

Botox training day

  • The training day is held the first Tuesday of every month.
  • The main aim of the course is to offer a comprehensive training on Botulinum Toxin – Type A  that includes general information on BOTULINUM toxin TYPE A, indications and contra-indications to administering Botulinum Toxin - Type A, information on gauging the dosage, most effective administration techniques, demonstration of administration technique, information on longevity of results, complication management ,an opportunity to get a patient’ s perspective from a selection of patients and the future ahead with dynamic facial sculpting with Botulinum toxin – Type A.
  • It is a day course from 9:30 AM to 5:30PM (lunch provided). The doctors are given an information CD to watch, an information pack is handed out that holds extensive information on the muscles of the face and on Botolinum Toxin –Type A,  this is followed by an expert discussion/instruction session with the  Mr Prakash.
  • Mr Prakash sees an average of 20 patients on that day.
  • They range from new patients who are having Botox for the very first time to patients who have been having it for 5 years. Mr Prakash administers the treatment himself while the training doctors watch on and are free to ask questions of the patients and Mr Prakash. There is a half to one hour break for lunch when there will be time for a review of the morning session and queries that require more detailed responses.
  • The afternoon session finishes at about 5:30PM. The trainee doctors are welcome to stay till 6:00PM if they would like to discuss further. During the course of the day the doctors are offered an opportunity to get an idea on 3D quantification of facial wrinkles by means of a short demonstration/instruction session. Following the training course if the doctors have any queries at a later date they are always welcome to ring Mr Prakash.

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Fillers Training Day

The fillers training day is held by monthly. The main aim of the training is to offer a comprehensive training on fillers that includes the various types of fillers, their advantages and disadvantages, assess the type and grade of fillers required for each area, most effective administration techniques, demonstration of administration, dosage, weighing patient expectations against limitation of end result, information on longevity of results and factors that will affect the longevity, complication management, a chance to get patient’ s perspective and see first hand results. It is held in the afternoon between 1:30 PM and 6:00 PM.

An extensive information pack is handed out followed by a talk from Mr Prakash that outlines the necessary information for patient evaluation, filler administration and patient follow-up.

This is followed by a demonstration of the administration technique by Mr Prakash. An average of 7 to 10 patients attend the training day ranging from patients who are having it the first time to those who have been having it for over 10 years. The training doctors are free to ask questions of the patient or Mr Prakash at any time. In the course of the day Mr Prakash also instructs on 3d volumetric enhancement of the face by means of fillers (especially deep fillers to cheek, chin, brow and temple areas of the face). Mr Prakash also provides information on rejuvenation of facial aging by volumetric replacement. Following the training course if the doctors have any queries at a later date they are welcome to call Mr Prakash.

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Patient Assessment and Surgical Training (perceptorship)

This can be arranged on request. Please ring to make a 30 minutes appointment to see Mr Prakash. The meeting will enable an understanding of what you are looking for, if you are suitable for the training requested and if Mr Prakash will be able to assist you. If it is agreed then further information on the training will be provided at the meeting.

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